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Why Napili

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Welcome to The Coffee Store in Napili 
Located in West Maui in the Napili Plaza

5095 Napilihau St. Napili, HI 96761   
(808) 669-4170 
Open 6am - 6pm daily


Cold Blended Drinks…

We have many blended drinks available, including our
most popular drink ever…

It’s a must try… you won’t believe how good it is! We use two types of chocolate,
our rich cold-brewed toddy coffee and blend them with ice cream to produce truly,
the best blended mocha ever!
Reduced-calorie versions are available and equally satisfying!

Other blended drinks:

Espresso Shake Creamy Banana Mocha
Chai Freeze White Chocolate Mocha
Fruit Smoothies Milkshakes
(make your own unique creation by adding peanut butter, banana,
and add a shot of espresso, Brownie pieces or a flavor!!)

Cold Blended Drinks…

Our lattes, mochas and other espresso based drinks are the BEST on the island!
We use our own AWARD winning Italian Blend to produce the richest, sweetest,
most flavorful espresso around.  We steam the milk to perfection, producing a rich and
velvety drinking experience. You’ll be delighted with the taste and dazzled by our latte art designs.

Not an espresso drinker? Just looking for the best cup of regular fresh coffee in town?
Our extensive selection of Hawaiian coffees are available by the cup everyday!
We even have French Press service available – Choose whichever coffee you want!

All variations, substitutions and request on the specialty drinks are welcomed and honored!
We have whole milk, 2% milk, Soymilk and Half-n-Half.
All drinks are available full-caf, half caf, or decaf. They can be served HOT or COLD.


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